Panama City Beach – Pier Park Restaurants?

Now that Pier Park has been open for a few weeks have any of you been to the restaurants?  I have received several comments on Margaretville (not too flattering I must say).  What about the Back Porch or the new restaurant featuring German food and beer.


Lots of our condo guests ask for suggestions about where to eat in Panama City Beach.  Help me give them some ideas about the best places to go in Pier Park as well as other places on The Beach.


Thanks – Jerry


4 responses to “Panama City Beach – Pier Park Restaurants?

  1. I live in town, so I just haven’t gotten over to Panera, but I’ve eaten at Panera where I used to live, and they’re good…

  2. Been to Margaritaville twice. Absolutely excellent. Atmosphere inside also great for all ages. German place very unique. We only had beer there though. Excellent beer. Recommend the bock. All other beach cafes are about the same except for the Calypso Beach Cafe, which in my opinion has the best and most diverse menu on the beach. Never had a bad meal and have eaten there about 10 times.

  3. Back Porch burger was very good! Service was good. The German place is a lot of fun! Margaritaville has great food! I am so pleased we have some new & great choices on the beach! Go PCB!!

  4. Veronica…Thanks for your comment. I hope to spend some time in PCB soon and plan to try the Back Porch and maybe the German place.


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