Panama City Beach – White Sale

Looking for good deals in Panama City Beach?  We have openings in our condos starting again in August.  Need June or July?   The Bay County Tourist Development Council listened raptly last week as a marketing consultant analyzed the first returns on its ambitious “Summer White Sale” advertising campaign launched two months ago.

Three dozen Beach businesses submitted 57 discount offers and special deals for the sale.  The TDC, in turn, has invested more than $495,000 in the campaign, which aims to attract potential vacationers through advertising of a new Web site,, where they can find the discounts and special offers.

The Summer White Sale campaign also has generated significant coverage in the travel news media and even in major newspapers and network TV shows including a recent “Good Morning America” segment that cited Panama City Beach and the sale.

The sale campaign will continue with a second major e-mail “blast” Wednesday to a mailing list of 423,000 previously identified potential vacationers, Ray said.  The TDC is planning for a fall tourism campaign similar to the ongoing effort.

Come visit us at The Beach!


2 responses to “Panama City Beach – White Sale

  1. how about a map for pier park showing where stores, restruants and parking are located??

  2. Good Idea! I will look for a map…Jerry

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