Panama City Beach – Airport News

Take a look at the good news on the progress of the Bay County International Airport:


The entire 1300+ acres of the airport development site have been cleared and grubbed. This means all trees, roots, and vegetation have been removed.  The main access road has been brought to its final elevation, compacted, sub-base installed, curbed, and is ready for paving in early July.  The building pads for the Terminal, Terminal apron, and main parking lot have been finalized.  The building pad and parking area for the rental car facility has been finalized.  The primary runway taxiway is in the process of being graded and stormwater ditches are being installed.  The primary runway is being graded and brought to its final elevation.  Stormwater ponds and conveyance systems have been installed and erosion control applied in all of these areas.


The earthwork portion of this phase should be completed by November 2008, a full 3 months ahead of schedule.  We should start the paving of the runways before October of this year.  The design for the terminal, public safety building, control tower, air cargo, and maintenance buildings has been completed and bids will be solicited in early July.   The project is well underway and a substantial amount of work has been completed in the last five and a half months.


The new airport is about 10 miles from our Panama Coty Beach Condos at Celadon Beach Resort.


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