Panama City Beach – Airport Update 11/13/08

Panama City Beach – If you are interested in the progress of the new airport keep reading…..

Construction Update
November 13, 2008

Construction on the new Panama City/Bay County International Airport remains at least three months ahead of schedule.

Forty percent of the heavy civil contract time has been used and the job is approximately 53% complete.

Runway 16-34:

§ The first lift of asphalt base is complete on Runway 16-34.  The second lift of asphalt base is nearly 50% complete.

§ Concrete should begin to go down on the runway in early December.

§ Lighting work on Runway 16-34 is approximately 24% complete.

Taxi Way D:

§ Earthwork is almost complete.

§ Asphalt paving and lighting work is ongoing.

There are currently 110 pieces of equipment on site and 160 workers.

Additional milestones:

§ 5 million cubic yards of material has been excavated to date which is 90% of the expected total.

§ 30,000 linear feet of storm sewer is in place (95% of total).

§ 35,000 tons of asphalt is in place.

§ Concrete paving of Runway 16-34 is now expected to begin in early December.

§ The terminal parking lot is 80% complete.

§ The project is meeting all interim milestones.

§ The terminal building contract is underway.


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