Panama City Beach – Going Green?

How about some Green Humor.


The following suggestion is from “The Circuit” the Panama City Beach Chamber of Commerce magazine.  The latest issue was dedicated to going Green and the following suggestion was listed under a section about having Green meetings at work.  


Use edible centerpieces. Centerpieces that consist of delicious fruits and veggies are a smart way to cut back on the cost and waste of expensive flower arrangements.  Many florists fly in their products from all over the world, wasting and adding to their carbon footprint.


Seems to me that the person suggesting this forgot that lots of our fruit is also imported from all over the world, which would also waste and add to their carbon footprint.  What about eating all of that fiber?  Lot’s more trips to the bathroom resulting in the unnecessary use of millions of gallons of waterJ


Why not just save the money and do without the flowers and fruit?


How about letting us know of other funny suggestions to go Green or some real ways to save and conserve.


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