Panama City Beach – Tyndall live missile exercise is Monday

Ready for Top Gun?

If you are in Panama City Beach Monday maybe you can catch a glimpse of Navy and Air Force flight crews and their live-fire training.

Panama City Beach / TYNDALL AIR FORCE BASE – Aviators from the U.S. Air Force and U.S. Navy will conduct a joint live-fire exercise at Tyndall Air Force Base on Monday, Dec. 8. 

Air Force F-15E Strike Eagles from Seymour Johnson Air Force Base, S.C., will be joined by Navy F/A-18 Super Hornets from Naval Air Station Oceana, Va., for missions as part of a new program bringing aviators from both services together for realistic combat training.  More than 80 Air Force and Navy personnel including pilots, aircraft maintainers, weapons loaders and mission analysts, will arrive at Tyndall AFB Monday to be tested on their ability to conduct air-to-air missions using live, active weapons, the news release said.

Aircrews will be evaluated on every aspect of fighter aircraft combat missions, from weapons handling and loading techniques, to the pilots’ ability to accurately fire live air-to-air missiles, the release said. The missions Monday will be the first of their kind in support of a new joint program, which will bring Navy and Air Force pilots together on a quarterly basis to test their skills at realistic combat operations at Tyndall AFB.


One response to “Panama City Beach – Tyndall live missile exercise is Monday

  1. I seen the planes practice over the beach.

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