Panama City Beach – Dinner at the Shrimp Boat

Panama City Beach – Dinner at the Shrimp Boat

Pam and I were in Panama City Beach last weekend getting our condos ready for the 2009 rental season.  We called our real estate agent friends Gary and Janice and decided to meet them at the Shrimp Boat for dinner Saturday night.  The Christmas Boat Parade of Lights was the same night so there were lots of people in St Andrews.  The stores were decked out for Christmas.

We did have about an hour wait for our table but enjoyed visiting at the bar.  According to Gary there are lots of bargains if you are looking for a Panama City Beach Condo. 

This was our first visit to the Shrimp Boat.  We were all thrilled to find out that Mary a server that we knew from the Pasta Grille and Firefly was now at the Shrimp Boat.  Mary helped us make some nice selections from a menu that offers a variety of seafood and steaks.  Pam had Shrimp Pompano, I ordered Grouper Panama, Gary the Cajun Grill and Janice the Sushi Platter.  It was fun to taste each of the entrées.  They were all good!  I did not realize that the Shrimp Boat had a Sushi Bar in the restaurant too.

We passed on desert so I can’t help you there.

We will go back to the Shrimp Boat and recommend that you try it as well….Jerry


3 responses to “Panama City Beach – Dinner at the Shrimp Boat

  1. That’s so funny that you wrote about this. I’ll be going over to the Shrimp Boat tonight to eat with my family. Hopefully it’s good!

  2. Let us know if you about your visit!

  3. Shrimp Boat- Worst Service We Have EVER Experienced!
    My husband and I went to the Shrimp Boat for our anniversary. We were seated outside hoping for a view of the water. It turns out that the water view is just an area of dirty water to the side of the restaurant, not a view of the bay.
    The outside deck area left a lot to be desired. The atmosphere was more something I would expect from an Applebee’s scale restaurant, and with the prices on the menu I thought it could have been much nicer. The waitress took at least 15 minutes to arrive to get our drink orders at which point she “lit” the candle on our table- a battery operated fake candle stuffed into a hurricane lamp!
    In each of our interactions with her the waitress seemed bored and disinterested and very impatient. When it came time to order my husband had some questions about the menu and wanted to order a caesar salad rather than the house salad that came automatically with his entree. The waitress, who had been very impatient thus far, sneered and snickered at him for asking a question!! She continued to treat us with disrespect throughout the ordering process to the point where we got up and left! We have never walked out of a restaurant before, but we were absolutely shocked at the rude way we were treated. They don’t treat you that way at McDonalds let alone a restaurant that is trying very hard to appear “classy.”
    We asked to meet with the manager before we left to advise him of the situation. He was apologetic and even admitted that they had had complaints from other customers about the same waitress! He offered to buy us a round of drinks if we would stay. As if that would make up for your waitress ruining our anniversary dinner!
    We moved on to Uncle Ernie’s right around the corner. The view was better, the prices more reasonable, the atmosphere relaxed, and the waitresses much more professional and friendly!
    We will NEVER visit The Shrimp Boat again and would advise anyone who is considering it to avoid it like the plague! Unless your idea of a good time is paying too much for tacky atmosphere and rude waitstaff!

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