Panama City Beach – My 2008 Year Top 10 Blog Views

Panama City Beach –  Well another year has passed.  I enjoyed blogging about Panama City Beach and our Panama City Beach Condo at Celadon Beach Resort in 2008. 

I hope that you found the blog interesting and helpful.  It is the time of year when everyone is listing top ten events, stories and the like.  I thought that as readers of my blog you might be interested in the top 10 views in 2008.  We had 19,153 views in 2008.  Not bad for the first year, thanks for your support!  You made 79 comments.  I would like to get more feedback so feel free to make comments as comments help us all understand more about the happenings around Panama City Beach.  Here are your Top 10 views:

Panama City Beach – Pier Park Stores Jun


Panama City Beach Temperatures


Pier Park Panama City Beach


New Airport in Panama City Beach, Florid


Panama City Beach – Shrimp Boat Opens To


Panama City Beach – Pier Park – Summer K


Panama City Beach – Pier Park Concerts


Panama City Beach – Pier Park Floorplan


Panama City Beach – Pier Park



As you can see Pier Park opening in 2008 as well as the events at Pier Park generated the most news and views for the year.  The new Airport and the opening of the Shrimp Boat Restaurant also generated significant views.   The Shrimp Boat has been the most active view in the 4th quarter with Pier Park views running a close second. 

In 2009 I plan to keep blogging about the Panama City Beach activities.  Please feel free to make suggestions about topics that you would like to see covered.  By all means please feel free to comment on the posts!

Have a great 2009 and I hope to see you on the beach at Celadon Beach Resort!


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