Panama City Beach – Red Bull Aerobatic Helicopter and Air Force

PANAMA CITY BEACH –  Red Bull’s aerobatic helicopter pilot Chuck Aaron is teaming up with skydivers from Red Bull Air Force for what promises to be a one-of-a-kind performance Sunday, March 15.  The unique helicopter can also be spotted around town Friday and Saturday as it provides ride-alongs to a select group of individuals for a bird’s eye view of Spring Break on Panama City Beach.

Aaron is the only civilian pilot licensed to do aerobatics in a helicopter by the FAA in North America, according to a news release. His extensive flying experience and his highly modified helicopter perform amazing tricks like back flips and barrel-rolls.

The Red Bull Air Force is a 12-man team assembled from the most accomplished and experienced skydivers, B.A.S.E. jumpers and paragliders on the planet, the release said. They have kayaked out of airplanes, ski B.A.S.E. jumped off a 30-story casino and developed a form of “free flying” that allows the skydiver to fly at speeds close to 340 miles an hour.

The Aerobatic Helicopter Show will be Sunday, March 15, at 1 p.m. at Spinnaker Beach Club, 8795 Thomas Drive.


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