Panama City Beach – Oktoberfest 2009

PANAMA CITY BEACH-The Panama City Beach Oktoberfest celebration begins today 10.2.09 at 5 p.m. in downtown Panama City.  

Note that at noon today, Harrison Avenue south of Sixth Street will be closed for the event.

Oktoberfest kicks off at 5PM today and will continue through Sunday, Oct. 4.  There is plenty for all to enjoy.  The mayor will be the honorary keg tapper.  Be there at 5PM to watch the festivities.  There will be authentic German music, plenty of German foods and lots of beer.

If you are in the Pier Park area today or tomorrow, stop by the Hofbrau Beer Garden.  Free Oktoberfest beer @ 6PM today and at 7PM Saturday.

Have fun in Panama City Beach!!


2 responses to “Panama City Beach – Oktoberfest 2009

  1. I went to Oktoberfest 09 on Friday night (opening night) and could not believe how many people were there! Next year I’m going on Saturday during the day. Couldn’t even walk! A very drunk girl caused half of an expensive beer to be poured all over my leg… sheesh! Next time, day time… when hopefully not quite as many people (and drunks) are in attendance! lol

  2. Thanks for the cimment!

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