Panama City Beach – St. Joe Company Moving to New Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport (ECP) Site

Panama City Beach – The St. Joe Company has talked the talk, bringing in a new airport with a low cost air carrier, now they say their walking the walk.

“We can lead by example… that’s what we’re doing.  We’re showing people that there is a reason to be here and I can’t think of any better reason than to have a major corporation put their headquarters,” said Britt Greene, President and CEO.

That’s why it’s moving its home base 300 miles away to Bay County and setting up shop right next to the new airport.  It is also consolidating their offices in Port St. Joe, Tallahassee, and South Walton.  That’s about 140 jobs moving to Bay County.  “We expect while the positions will move, not all individuals who are currently working will make the move.  So there’s going to be some opportunity,” Greene said.

He says this move is bigger than their company. He believes the move will encourage other companies to the region.  “We’ve had great conversations with a number of aviation aerospace leaders and other types of companies looking at logistics and multimodal opportunities with the airport, port, and rail,” Greene said.

Bay County leaders agree.  “It really speaks a major commitment of the St. Joe Company to this community and to the West Bay sector.  We’re very excited,” said Janet Watermeier of the Economic Development Alliance.

More people means more money spent in our region.  “They will have kids that will have to go to school and they will have homes that they will have to live in and they’ll shop in our shopping centers and they’ll have to get their haircut.  All of those things that should help raise the level of money that we’re all able to take advantage of,” she said.

The construction on the 50,000 square foot project will begin this summer making their home here by 2011.  This is all part of St. Joe’s West Bay Sector Plan.  The project is 71,000 acres which is bigger than Washington D.C.  But they’re starting with 1,000 acres for phase one.

The new airport is less than 12 miles from Celadon Beach Resort


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