Panama City Beach – Nearby Santa Rosa Beach will be 100 in 2010 and has a Party in the Making

Panama City Beach – Santa Rosa Beach will be celebrating its 100th anniversary this year Sept. 11 and 12 with music, food and events.

“It’s going to be a big party,” said Dwight Ward, one of the party’s dozen organizers. “We’re anticipating the entire area will become involved in some way or another.”

While details are still in the works, ideas have ranged from street parades to a community-wide birthday shirt and a time capsule, Ward said.

According to Chick Huettel, president of the Coastal Heritage Society in Walton County, the party at Gulf Place will celebrate the present on the first day and go back to 1910 on the second day.

“The first day will be like a celebration and will cover more of what’s happening today in Santa Rosa Beach and along (County Road) 30A,” Huettel said. “That Sunday will be heritage day, showing residents what it was like in 1910 with re-enactors. It will be a complete change from Saturday to Sunday.”

“We’ve been thinking of all the things you can do with a 100-year birthday party,” Ward said. “We know we want to use the whole of 30A for the celebration.”

Come stay at Celadon Beach Resort and enjoy the celebration


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