Nashville, Tennessee – e+ Foundation Becomes an Amazon Affiliate

Nashville – The e+ Foundation announced their affiliate link to Amazon July 28, 2010. 

Here is a note from Foundation President, Jerry Eyler:

As most of you know I spend some of my time working with the e+ Foundation.  We just set up an Amazon affiliate link for the e+ Foundation web site  The e+ Foundation works to raise funds for cancer patients and their families.  Volunteers and associates of e+ CancerCare staff the foundation so that 100% of funds raised can be used for people in need.

If you are interested in purchasing stuff through Amazon please go to  and click on the Amazon Banner at the bottom of the page.  Amazon will contribute between 4% and 8.5% of your purchase to the e+ Foundation.  You pay the same amount for your purchases as you would by going direct to Amazon.

I am new to social marketing but I want to ask each of you to save the Foundation site in your favorites list and go there when you buy from Amazon.  It would be great if you would forward the link to your friends and ask them to go to the e+ Foundation web site and use the Amazon link when they make Amazon purchases.  I am also using my facebook and Twitter accounts to enlist shoppers.  I hope you will do the same.

Thanks for helping!  We will let everyone know how much the Foundation raises from your purchases. Hopefully BIG BUCKS!


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