Panama City Beach – Songwriters Festival September 9-11, 2010

Panama City Beach, FL – The Panama City Beach Convention & Visitors Bureau will kick off the Panama City Beach Songwriter’s Festival September 9 -11, 2010.  This is a new event and our guests renting our condos at Celadon Beach Resort have a nice opportunity for entertainment this weekend at various locations around town.

Twenty-one top artists will perform at Boatyard, Breakers, Schooners, The Cantina and Firefly.

Thursday and Friday schedules will run from 6:00pm- 8:00pm and then 8:30pm – 10:30pm. Artist lineup and schedule can be found below.

A “one for the road” jam session will take place at Firefly, Thursday and Friday starting at 10:00pm. Songwriters will take turns collaborating and making great music!

A final concert will be held Saturday night at Aaron Bessant Park, where all 21 artists will perform for a jam session with the help of a backup band.


Schooners Thursday 6-8PM Thom Shepherd, Megan Linville & Danny Wells
Schooners Friday 6-8PM Greg Barnhill, Philip White & Amber White

Boatyard Thursday Schedule 6-8PM Noah Gordon, Lisa Carver & Dan Demay

Boatyard Thursday Schedule 8:30-10:30PM Liz Hengber, Charlie Black & Dana Hunt Black

Boatyard Friday Schedule 6-8PM Greg Barnhill, Philip White & Amber White

Boatyard Friday Schedule 8:30-10:30PM James Slater, Thom Shepherd & Leslie Satcher

El Cantina Thursday Schedule 6-8PM Chas Sanford, Gary Hannan & Tim Buppert

El Cantina Thursday Schedule 8:30-10:30PM Philip White, Amber White & Kevin Denney

El Cantina Friday Schedule 6-8PM Noah Gordon, Liz Hengber & Tim Buppert

El Cantina Friday Schedule 8:30-10:30PM Will Rambeaux, Jillia Jackson & Dan Demay

Breakers Thursday Schedule 6-8PM Will Rambeaux, Jillia Jackson & James Slater

Breakers Thursday Schedule 8:30-10:30PM Leslie Satcher, Greg Barnhill & Marty Dodson

Breakers Friday Schedule 6-8PM Charlie Black, Dana Hunt Black & Kevin Denney

Breakers Thursday Schedule 8:30-10:30PM Danny Wells, Lisa Carver & Chas Sanford


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