Panama City Beach – Shoppers endure long lines for Black Friday

Panama City Beach – Shopping tips:

• Choose your store

• Plan your shopping

• Stick to your plan/budget

• Do not put items down

• Shop at midnight

• Manage the lines

The lines at Target were strictly controlled and the moods of the shoppers were pleasant early Friday morning, once the doors opened shoppers turned their full attention to the door buster prizes and products.

Televisions were a popular item for Target customers. The red shopping carts in the back isle were jammed together with the TV boxes protruding, reminiscent of a scene of rickshaw carts in New Deli India during rush hour traffic.

Despite the damp and humid conditions through the night and early morning hundreds of shoppers lined the sidewalks of many popular retail center.

Minutes before the 4 a.m. opening and a line of several hundred people that stretched past the front of the Target store and wrapped back around to the Office Max. Mike Giese had his hands on the door as the crowd of bargain shoppers counted down the time unit opening.

“After the first year of doing this I said I would never do it again, and here I am,” Giese said.

This is the third year the Giese and his family has shopped on Black Friday for deals on electronics and other gifts for the holidays. Giese predicts saving of $150 to $200 on his purchases.

To get the first spot in line the Giese family parked themselves at the front door of Target at 9 a.m. on Thursday. As the doors opened the shoppers in line cheered and applauded, and of course there were discussions about strategy.

The associates at Best Panama City Beach Condo at Celadon Beach Resort hope that your Black Friday shopping endeavors are successful.


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