Panama City Beach – Local pizza business hits big with sauce

Where to buy the sauce close to the Best Panama City Beach Condo Rentals at Celadon Beach Resort :

Carousel Supermarket

19440 Front Beach Road

Panama City Beach

Carousel is a favorite of us and our Panama City Beach vacation rental guests.  The store is a little over a mile West of Celadon Beach Resort

Carousel has a nice selection of meat and vegetables as well as wine. 

PANAMA CITY — The multi-generational practice of bottling the family’s marinara and puttanesca sauce has turned into a separate business for the owners of Pana Roma Pizza and Pasta.

Carmela DiBella, and her husband, Tony, own and operate Pana Roma Pizza and Pasta. For years they have expanded their offerings from just pizza to other dishes and recently the couple has taken their families’ recipes and expanded their business.

For the past several months, Mela’s Sicilian marinara sauce and Mela’s Puttanesca sauce have been available from other local retailers. DiBella and her children used to make and bottle the sauce and sell it exclusively at their restaurant.

“I would say it’s a more natural sauce and it doesn’t have all the fancy ingredients in it,” DiBella said.  She described the sauce as a basic and good sauce that her customers have enjoyed for years.  The restaurateur said she would make five to six cases a week with 12 jars of the sauce in each case. The tagline for the sauce is “from our table to yours.”

The family has worked to move the production of the sauce from their own hands to a more industrial process with a professional label and manufacturer.  The manufacturer for the sauce is located in Orlando and many of the nine stores that carry the product are located in central Florida. The owners are still working to get their sauce sold at Publix.  “I really like it, I just wish we had more stores,” DiBella said.

The sauce sells for $6.99 a jar and $55 for a case. DiBella added that she was willing to discount bulk ordered based on the size of the order.


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