Panama City Beach – Navarre filmmaker using local cast, crew in ‘Uncle Bob’s Leg’

NAVARRE —   Navarre is 40 or 50 miles from The Best Panama City Beach Condo Rentals at Celadon Beach Resort but we thought you might find a local film interesting. 

Steve Baker has been waiting years to tell the story of Uncle Bob and his amputated leg.

Baker is a local filmmaker who has worked for companies such as HBO, the Discovery Channel and CNN. He has had the script he and a friend wrote called “Uncle Bob’s Leg” for more than 20 years. Now, he has gotten a local cast and crew to make the dark comedy into a film.

“A year ago my mother passed away and she told me to finally do my own movie and stop doing everybody else’s stuff,” Baker said. “It inspired me to get this thing cast out locally.”  The movie tells the story of Uncle Bob, who loses his leg and gets some unusual help from his family while dealing with the phantom pain.

Among the many misadventures, Baker described one scene in which children give the amputated leg a “proper burial” to help Uncle Bob cope with the loss and his fears.  “He wants to make sure when he goes to heaven he goes to heaven whole,” Baker said, laughing. “The kids try to help him deal with it in their own way.”

The lead character, the one-legged uncle, was an unusual casting. Baker said he saw Bradford Jordan, a one-legged Fort Walton Beach man, in a store and asked him to read over the script.  “He wanted me to make sure it was politically correct,” Jordan said. “When I finished reading it, I told him there needed to be more falling and asked if I could play the role.”

Jordan said the role mimicked his life and the problems he dealt with after losing his leg to gangrene after Hurricane Katrina in 2005.  “It’s overwhelming and people just don’t get it,” he said. “I hope anybody out there that had something like this happen to them knows there is life afterward. The sky’s the limit.”

Baker said the film, which will wrap up filming in April, will be featured on film festival circuits in hopes of getting it into a wider release.  “I wanted to prove we could make a good feature film with local people, and I think we’re doing that,” Baker said.

For more information or to donate money toward the film’s production costs, search “Uncle Bob’s Leg” on Facebook.


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